Air Conditioning Services Plymouth, Somerset, Devon, Cornwall and UK Wide

DCVAC specialise in the design, sale, installation, repair and maintenance of a wide range of air conditioning systems and equipment for, offices, retail outlets & domestic households. Our systems are used in computer rooms, shops, offices, restaurants, cinemas, server rooms, surgeries and conservatories, to name but a few, throughout Plymouth, Somerset, Devon and Cornwall. We also work on larger air conditioning projects with associate branches throughout the UK. Our trained engineers provide a quality of service and attention to detail to meet your every requirement.

We have a service and installation capability nationwide with our own staff and apprved contractors.

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What are Air Conditioning Systems?

Air conditioning covers a number of systems from cooling, refrigeration, heating and ventilation. Correctly designed and installed air conditioning systems will promote a comfortable and stable environment all year round providing summer cooling and winter heating.

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Commercial Air Conditioning

Commercial air conditioning requirements are divided into two main areas – Comfort Cooling and Close Control.

As the name suggests, comfort cooling refers to the provision of a comfortable environment for its occupants, whereas close control refers to the process of maintaining much more specific, closely controlled environments for temperature and humidity sensitive equipment or processes.

By installing air conditioning into the workplace, the distraction of discomfort is removed. Air Conditioning helps to increase productivity and allows your workforce to work in a comfortable environment.

Businesses today are heavily dependant on their IT infrastructure, being able to create a stable environment for the server of such other systems is paramount to day to day operation.

Whilst the combination of good quality equipment and sound installation work remains essential, the success of any air conditioning project must start with a carefully considered design.

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The Design of Your Air Conditioning System

We place great importance in understanding your requirements correctly and providing a concept and design that is exactly right, from our initial survey to our handing over, we strive to meet your every requirement.

We are constantly reviewing latest technologies in air Conditioning equipment and with our close relationship to the wholesalers and the equipment manufacturing technical teams, we are able to offer what is best for every situation.

Possible considerations are such things as noise criteria, low energy consumption, the appropriate styling (aesthetically pleasing) and provision for future expansion, all are taken into account when selecting equipment for our clients. Certain energy-efficient systems also qualify for an enhanced capital allowance, providing the client with an attractive tax benefit.

Our careful planning and selection at the offset of each project helps to ensure a perfect conclusion, every time.

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